I write about a lot of science for a lot of different publications in the US and Europe, for adults and for kids.
I would love to write for you, too!
Here are some of my favorite articles. Also click here for my Popular Science author page.

Recent Features
The End of Night (Aeon magazine)
How It Works: A Private Moon Lander (Popular Science)

Aviation & Space Exploration
The Flying Man (The New Yorker’s Elements blog)
Why Curiosity’s Crazy Mars Landing Isn’t So Crazy (Popular Science)
One Round Trip to Space, Please (PARADE magazine)
Can’t You Just Move the Space Station? (Smithsonian Air & Space)

Solar System & Astronomy
Why Does the Sun’s Corona Get So Hot? (Scientific American)
Army of Darkness: The National Park Service Battles Light Pollution (Fort Collins Now)
NASA’s Other Heroes (PARADE)

Environment & Conservation
How Big Can a Tornado Get On Earth? (Syfy’s DViCE)
Racing to Save Bats From Catastrophic Extinction, Biologists Turn to New Tools (Popular Science)
Forced Oasis: The Colorado-Big Thompson Project (Greeley Tribune – 1st place award)

Technology & Engineering
The Pencil Revolution: Graphene and the Future (The European – in German!)
Ameren’s Huge Taum Sauk Project Nears Completion (St. Louis Business Journal)
New Strides in Atomic Clocks (Gizmodo)

Law, Government & Public Policy
In my early career, I was an award-winning politics and courts reporter.
Bulletproof? The science of forensic ballistics (Missouri Lawyers Weekly – 1st place award)
Interview with Barack Obama (Greeley Tribune)

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