Accolades and Testimonials

A collection of feedback from readers and sources.

I saw your e-nose article yesterday. It is one of the best such report I have seen recently. Congratulations on a nicely researched and crafted study, which has taught something new even to the experts.
Best wishes,
Juan FM

Congratulations on a fine article. You really captured the spirit of pride that our engineers feel. Thank you so much. I have gotten several comments from people saying how well it was written. Thank you again.
Carrie K (Pratt & Whitney)

Re: Army of Darkness

Deep thanks to Rebecca Boyle and Chad Moore. I wondered if anyone else cared about the lost night. When I was growing up, the heavens blazed with countless points of light and the Milky Way cast a shadow. On warm summer nights the southern sky swam in the starshine of our galaxy. These wondrous sights deeply affected my view of the world. And they were just out the back door.
Now it’s almost impossible to find such a view anywhere. What was once deeply rural and dark is not so anymore. Eastward toward Sterling, along nearly the entire length of lonesome Colo. 14, the glowing domes of city lights obscure parts of the sky at several compass points.
Fort Collins Now’s story gives me hope that one day little children will again draw a breath of wonder at the sights that whirl overhead every night. As it did for me those years ago, perhaps the experience will help them understand just how small our precious planet is.
Tim A.

Hi, Rebecca, I have been following your coverage of uranium mining for a long time. (I’m a member of C.A.R.D.) The reason for this email is that I want you to know how impressed I am with your work. Your thoroughness, fairness and commitment to an issue is exemplary. Your writing is of great service to our community/communities at a time when we struggle with decisions that may be of historic importance to Northern Colorado. Thank you so much. I hope you wil have the satisfaction of knowing that you made a huge difference.
Liv L.

Hey Rebecca. Thanks for your continuing coverage on the proposed uranium mine. I have to say as compared with some other local newspapers, you have by far the most in depth writing.
– Stephanie G.

Hi Rebecca,

That was a super article about the (Science) Cafe. You really did your homework, and it was fun to read. And thanks for including me in it!
John C.

I had a chance to read your article. It was exceptionally well informed. I was shocked as to how much contamination has already occurred in Goliad. Last night I wrote a letter to the State health department and copied the Weld commissioners. I included a link to your article and asked what we could expect from our regulators to prevent a disaster like Goliad. I have not heard back as yet. My understanding is that Weld county cannot reply as it shows a bias. Hopefully I did not anger them. If they all read your article, it will certainly cause them to think.
Thanks for your efforts, I think you have provided a voice for us landowners.
Jeff E.

Dear Rebecca:  I just wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful article on me, and the artistic photography.  I had no idea that the article would be on the front page, let alone have my picture take up the top half of it.  You were very kind to me and I appreciate your complimentary comments.
Many people retire every day and are not even noticed.  As you know from your reporting, there are many true heroes out there who also go unnoticed.  I was overwhelmed by the article, and can honestly say that it helped me bring closure to my career with a great sense of satisfaction.  You captured the essence of my issues and concerns, while still maintaining the dignity of the bench.  I truly appreciate your sensitive and sympathetic touch.
You have been very kind to me throughout the years, and I also appreciated your kind words to me during our interview.
I wish you the very best in the new aspect of your career in Fort Collins.  By the way, you made my father very proud and he thinks you’re great too!
Warmest regards,

You’re article “Hi, we’re Colorado.  Nice to meet you” is now one of my all time favorites
Brian O.

Hello Rebecca,
I wanted to thank you for the great article and wonderful publicity that you wrote about the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation that ran in Fort Collins Now on sat Oct 6.  Do you have a copy of the article that we can post on our website?
Next year NCGRP will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We plan to have a reception open to the public. I hope that we can count on you to get the word out.
Very best,
Christina W.

Ms Boyle,  your morning article regarding something as simple as a tomato plant drew my  attention. It was a thing of value for many of us older, no almost ancient,  readers. Throughout more than seventy years I have almost always read  reports of all sorts of violent happenings and, quite sincerely, an article  like yours considerably brightened this old mans day. Hmmm, Day? Naah! More  like a whole year. Thank you ever so much for giving it to us and thank you,  also to your editor, for having you put it right on the front page. We  needed it.

Thanks so much for your article about me.  You wrote a very good in-depth article which brought out some of the arguments against accepting the claimed ‘consensus’ on this topic. I wish you continued success in your journalistic efforts.
Best regards,
Bill Gray

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  1. You are fortunate to have editors who will let you write “embiggen”. Now try “cromulent”.:-)

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